Outfit details:

  • Crown - DIY (see below)
  • Dress - Tulle
  • Boots - Seychelles Footwear
  • Socks - Target
  • Lipstick - MAC's Love Forever!

DIY Flower Crown:

Recreate the look with Amy's DIY Flower Crown tutorial:

How would you describe your style?

My style is very retro/vintage.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My cat sweater by Louche is my absolutely favorite, without a doubt!

Who are your style icons?

Personal style blogger, Keiko Lynn, was the gal who inspired me to break free of my stay-at-home-mom frump, and she continues to be my main inspiration today. I also fancy the styles of every female character in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, and pretty much any young lady pictured in vintage photographs.

Do you have any favourite designers?

I'm a huge fan of Bait Footwear, Seychelles Footwear, Dear Creatures, and small business, Bonne Chance Collections.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes clothes?

ModCloth, ASOS, Etsy shops filled with beautiful vintage clothing, and thrift stores are my favorite places to shop for new and new-to-me clothes.

Do you make or customise your outfits?

I'm not very talented with a sewing machine, so I don't make any of my own outfits. We have this eternal war going on, my sewing machine and I.

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?   

Experiment with different accessories and find what works for you! For me, I usually always wear something on my head, whether it be a vintage silk scarf, a knitted, 1920s-inspired turban, or a hat.

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

 I've already mentioned Keiko Lynn, but also love The Soubrette Brunette, The Briar Rose Blog, The Photogramps, Scathingly Brilliant, and Skunkboy Blog.

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