This week is your last chance to enter to win a Singer QUANTUM STYLIST™ TOUCH 9985 in our Christmas Sewing Contest and we've been putting the machine to the test by stitching some personalized Christmas presents which you can make at home.

For You: Interchangeable Christmas Jumper

Treat yourself to a fun Christmas jumper you can mix up for any occasion with interchangeable accessories!

An applique Christmas sweater was a great project for testing out the basic functions of the sewing machine. Changing the thread colour multiple times gave me a chance to get to grips with threading the machine, which was made simple by the onscreen diagrams available in the Help section. The machine was easy to control when stitching which gave nice smooth lines around corners and circles and the many stitch designs let me get creative with the interchangeable accessories.

For Him: Monogrammed Washbag

He'll be able to keep his toiletries organized on the go while feeling oh-so-special with a hipster tweed monogrammed washbag!

A slightly more complicated project, the tweed and leather fabric put the machine's heavy duty needles to the test and I was impressed by how easily the machine handled the tough materials. I also got to test out the zipper foot and adding the monogram with decorative lines was as simple as can be with the touch-screen display.

For Her: Personalized Passport Wallet

Keep her passport safe and make her the cutest personalized travel accessory!

This was the ultimate project for testing out the machine's 960 built-in stitches and getting creative. The lettering, stitches and designs were so simple to set up with the touch-screen display and by practising on scraps of fabric in advance, I was able to get each one positioned perfectly first time.

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