Our sidekicks are testing out Sugru for this week's Craft Test. Sugru is a shapeable putty that will stick to almost anything and then hardens overnight into a sturdy flexible rubber. Hester made an amazing jewellery tree to organize her bling, SteffyB personalized a coffee mug, Juditchen embossed a gorgeous pendant and Cat make a crafty cookie stamper. Once you've tried it, you can't help dreaming up new uses for it!

Sugru Jewellery Tree by Hester

I thought Sugru was a really good product, for its purpose. I used it to repair a pair of converse which had a hole in the bottom of one of them, and it did the trick magically! I did like the nice bright colours as well.

Customised Coffee Mug by SteffyB

In terms of the product itself; I found it super easy to use, it was easy to mix colours, roll it out & manipulate it & didn't stain my hands too badly, washing off easily. Really enjoyed making the tutorial & using the product overall though!

Embossed Flower Petal Pendant by judithchen

What I like about Sugru is that it's really practical. Since it's meant to repair household items, it's really sturdy after it sets. In the case of my project, which is using Sugru for craft stamp, it doesn't crack or break easily like regular rubber stamps and it's not as hard as a polymer clay stamp/mold. Plus the texture is workable. I find it easier to work with Sugru if it's stored in the fridge first, and doing so makes the product last longer. Overall, even if the product was introduced mainly for repairing items, it's great for an alternative craft supply. Hey it could repair your broken craft items too!

Sugru Cookie Stamp by Cat Morley

I love how versatile Sugru is - you can use it to repair, fix, mould and stamp. It comes in little individual pouches, which makes it ideal for small craft projects and I couldn't help but dream up a million other uses for it!

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