Cazz from Nerd Burger recreates the look of actress Molly Ringwald.

From the moment I saw Molly Ringwald I knew I wanted to be her. Effortlessly cool with her sassy mouth and fashion sense. Molly took what was expected of fashion in the 80's and turned it into someone incredible. Bowler hats with bright scarves, a single earrings with glittering in the sunlight and floral denim pants galore. She was not afraid to take something plain and DIY it into something inspiring and unique. It's thanks to Molly Ringwald and her big, bold and pink fashion sense that I dress the way I do today.

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RareJewel · Richmond, Virginia, US
This really does look like Molly's 1980's look.
Katie · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Couldn't agree more. Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink is my fashion / attitude / lifestyle idol. I watch that movie whenever I need a dose of confidence. I like these ideas -- think I'm gonna try the polka dot blouse diy. Thanks!
Whimsy and Noir (Ghoulie Gaby)
Whimsy and Noir (Ghoulie Gaby) · Houston, Texas, US · 5 projects
Yes!! Love Molly's style!!I wish I could travel back in time to the 1980's and shop with her ;)
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