Khami recreates the makeup of Demi Lovato and gives her a blues-y babe makeover.

What I like about Demi’s style is her fluidity with looks. She can go from flirty and feminine to totally glam rock and she pulls it all off. She is unapologetically herself, both in style and the way she carries herself, and I think that’s what I love the most.

Classic Look

Demi is often seen rocking really neutral eyeshadow looks coupled with wispy falsies and a bright lip. Here's a tutorial on how to get one variation of her signature looks! Very subtle bronze-toned shadows with a fuchsia lip.


Demi Lovato has gorgeous brown eyes. If I had the opportunity to give her a makeover, I would go for a really bold and fun blue eyeshadow look since blues really make brown eyes pop. However, even if your eyes aren't brown, you can still rock this look! It's perfect for parties or just even for days you're feeling a bit bold!

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