This week WeAreMischief recreates the costume of our favorite Gotham Girl, Harley Quinn:

Harleen Quinzel, or better known as Harley Quinn is the quirky-cute girlfriend of genius Batman villain, The Joker. Dr Quinzel, who wishes to be a famous gymnast, was the therapist of The Joker first, famous for not only her intelligence, but her young age and lack of experience. The Joker took a liking, and convinced her to join him on the dark side of Gotham City. Harley's costumes have changed quite a few times, but continued a pattern of harlequin diamonds matched with red and black. I simply adore Harley's style because everything she wears is truly her. Her makeup always revolves around her blue eyes and big smile. Each outfit is as jester like and adorable as the little Harlequin herself!

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I love the pocket diary idea!!
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