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How would you describe your style?

Difficult question, I’m into so many different looks and own such an obscene amount of clothes, which I’ve acquired over the past decade I don’t think I can generalise or pigeonhole them all. I will say I like anything with graphic patterns, embellishment or motifs. Bright colours also have a knack of grabbing my attention with a vice-like grip. With all those things in mind, I’d say graphic, artistic and colourful, but all in the best possible taste.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My steel cap-toed New Rock boots. They’re probably the most expensive item I own but they last about 5 years so as value for money goes they’re definitely worth the outing. Unfortunately, I don’t get to wear them very often because I cycle everywhere and they’re really heavy but I remember living in my first pair when I got them at the age of 17. They certainly made 6th form life very interesting!

Who are your style icons?

Emilie Autumn. God, I wish I had legs like hers! I love the Visual-Kei look, particularly on people like Kamijo from Versailles.

Do you have any favourite designers?

Well, growing up in the 90s and studying fashion in the early “noughties” I used to be inspired by John Galliano – before his unattractive true colours surfaced -  and Alexander McQueen. They were the two stand-out designers who got me into fashion, as I think they did with most fashion students at the time. I’ve also always loved the graphic, colourful aesthetic of Thierry Mugler and the intricacy of Christian Lacroix.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes clothes?

For blog projects, Ebay and charity shops because of the endless choice as well as the prices. Seriously, what did we do before the internet came along!? I get loads of my other clothes from Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island. I used to be really alternative but now I think I’m becoming a closet mainstreamer (if you see what I did there!) It’s good fun to mix and match. My favourite combinations tend to involve DIY versions of couture items mixed with high street clothing for an authentic-yet-affordable take on the latest trends.

Do you make or customise your outfits?

I customise whenever possible. Much as I love to sew, it’s ridiculously time-consuming and if you’re trying to figure out your own pattern that easily adds another few hours to each project. My time’s frustratingly tight so unfortunately sewing something from scratch is a rare treat. Another thing I will say is that there’s so much trial and error in sewing if you’re at a beginner or novice level. Generally you’re better off embellishing or reconstructing something that someone’s already gone to the trouble of making than trying to do it all yourself. If you aren’t absolutely 100% sure of what you’re doing, something minor  - like the wrong choice of stitch or sewing needle, or neglecting to use something like interfacing when you’re machine-embroidering onto jersey, for instance – can completely wreck your work. I’d say customising, where possible, definitely trumps sewing things from scratch.

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?  

Don’t throw old clothes out; keep them and re-work them into something else, so you can mix them with newer, more on-trend items, for a cool, considered and totally unique look.

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