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The best thing about living in São Paulo is that you can find the whole world in just one city. A mix of cultures, art and energy, you'll find everything in São Paulo!

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The top place for buy craft material is definitely Rua 25 de Março! That's a big street with lots of stores where you can find everything: from yarn and needles to scrapbook tools, from paint and fabric to party decor, EVERYTHING! With a bit of patience you can find amazing things there and not only craft suplies but also jewelery, clothes, party costumes, etc. In Liberdade you'll find great japanese craft magazines and books with tutorials and patterns.

São Paulo has permanent craft markets all around the city and also special craft events along the year. Make sure to visit the Liberdade craft fair and the vintage market on MASP, both open on Sundays. At Praça Benedito Calixto you find handmade clothes/acessories and also vintage/second hand stuff.

Be Inspired

I feel very inspired by art, so the old downtown of São Paulo is where you'll find amazing buildings with a lot of history, museums, art galleries and teathers, like Teatro Municipal. If you also feel inspired by art our famous modern art museum, MASP, is a place to be seen and the Pinacoteca do Estado is also a great art gallery you might want to visit.

Eat & Drink

Near Rua 25 de Março you have the lovely Café Girondino and Mercado Municipal, that is a huge market with a lot of options to eat, if you go there you have to try our famous sandwiches and codfish pastry. If you love japanese food we have Liberdade with a lot of options to eat.


To sit under a tree on Parque do Ibirapuera, relax and make your crafts is one the things you have to do in São Paulo or you can go to Centro Cultural de São Paulo, which has a lovely roof garden. That one is my favourite place to knit!

See Something Special

Avenida Paulista and Rua Augusta are the places to hang out at night and see the bohemian side of the city. The city looks great at night so you might want to take a picture on Avenida Paulista, maybe crossing the street like The Beatles on Abbey Road!

Take Home A Souvenir

At every craft fair or store you'll find some Brazilian souvenir or gift to buy. On Avenida Paulista you might get some postcards and prints of São Paulo, for example. Make sure to check the city website to find some more information.

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