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It's getting cold outside and what better way to warm up than with a delicious homemade hot chocolate stick?

Check out the recipe from 30 Pounds of Apples »

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Make a gorgeous collar from a doily!

Check out the how-to from Made by Me. Shared with you »

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Make a set of gorgeous cardboard 3D stars for your home!

Check out the how-to from thegluegungirl »

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These sugar cookies look so perfect and pretty.
Check out the recipe from Authentic Suburban Gourmet »

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Halloween is just around the corner and these scary looking apples would look amazing at your party!
Check out the recipe from Sweet Tooth »

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Turn a broken zipper in to a cute ring!

Check out the how-to from A girl and a glue gun »

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We've got two Unicorn t-shirts up for grabs to help promote Nervosa Clothing Co.

"Nervosa Clothing Co. was created to erase social stigmas of mental disorders and to show the seemingly unrecognizable positive side to mental illness.  Millions of people all over the world have psychiatric issues and most suffer silently."

Win a t-shirt:

For your chance of winning a t-shirt, simply leave a comment below telling us what you do to think positively?

You can find out more about Nervosa Clothing Co. on their website »

If you love cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast then you will love these cupcakes!
Check out the recipe from BS' In The Kitchen »

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Mmm this bark looks delicious!
Check out the recipe from Live Sigma Kappa »

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