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We've got two Unicorn t-shirts up for grabs to help promote Nervosa Clothing Co.

"Nervosa Clothing Co. was created to erase social stigmas of mental disorders and to show the seemingly unrecognizable positive side to mental illness.  Millions of people all over the world have psychiatric issues and most suffer silently."

Win a t-shirt:

For your chance of winning a t-shirt, simply leave a comment below telling us what you do to think positively?

You can find out more about Nervosa Clothing Co. on their website »




Lauren · Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, ZA · 112 projects
For me, the best way to stay positive is to remember that if you don't try something, you'll never know if you can do it! Don't be afraid of failure, because if you don't get it right the first time, it's just a learning curve for next time. You can't catch a fish if you haven't got a line in the water! Surround yourself with positive people, and more than that, make sure that you are a positive influence in someone else's life!
stripes9 · Rockford, Illinois, US
That everything happens for a reason.
Kitty · Okotoks, Alberta, CA · 18 projects
I like to think of others who are worse off than me, it reminds me to be thankful of the good things in my life.
Lady Liz
Lady Liz · 12 projects
To think positively I think of my Grandma and how she was always a happy go lucky person.
mimilover · Amsterdam, North Holland, NL · 20 projects
I try not to think about wat i'm missing, but wat i have that someone else is missing.
Like my family, my school (even though it's frikkin hard), my hamster (very important XD), my friends and my boyfriend.
And after that I bake cupcakes or cookies. Because you can never be sad with cupcakes and cookies.
Beccasaurus · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 8 projects
I think about how pointless and depressing it is to think negatively,
and then I think about the awesome aspects of my life and why I have no need to be negative.
Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
I think an important thing to remember when things get hard is that you can't control your circumstances but you can always control your actions and your attitude.

I'm currently being treated for general anxiety... it can get overwhelming if I let it but enjoying the little things like a movie with my sisters or a really great craft project can help keep me positive. Most important though is knowing that I am in control of my own well being - it's what motivated me to get help and gain some perspective on my anxiety.
Delicate Stitches
Delicate Stitches · Powfoot, Scotland, GB · 61 projects
A very sensible and lovely person taught me that the easiest way to be happy is not to get what you want but to want what you've got. Whenever I feel down I remind myself of all the lovely people in my life and all the lovely things about my life and it helps me get things in perspective and feel a lot better.
Bella Demon
Bella Demon · Phoenix, Arizona, US
I used the BLake BLiss exampLe to heLp me get to a happier, better pLace and after I got there I did whatever I had to do to keep me there: pLaying music with severaL bands, auditioning for our schooLs chorus, joining drama cLub, heLp create some of the Logo's and phrases for the cLubs i'm in and now I'm going to try and do the same thing that BLake did for me, so I can heLp the rest of the kids at my schooL. By bring the TWLOHA StoryteLLErs project to my schooL and I'LL have to teLL my story to the students. (over 4,000) So I can maybe heLp them in the sLightest, doing aLL that no matter how sad it might seeem makes me so so happy when i hear I heLped someone, that's what I do to stay positive! <3
Emi Akemi Chou
Emi Akemi Chou
When I'm down I think about the positive things in life like my friends and the the love of my life <3. I write a list of all the things I'm grateful of and draw them out ( ° ヮ°) ♥ ♥
When I'm done I tape them all over my room and whenever I feel sad or depressed I have something positive to look at and I forget everything bad ♥
Chelpop · Nottingham, England, GB · 9 projects
I get creative, it takes my mind off whatever is getting me down and then I feel happy at the outcome of my work. (:
Samantha B.
Samantha B.
I think of my kids and how I want them to be happy - I think of their smiles and giggles and that goes right to my heart.
Anna S.
Anna S. · Kirkland Lake, Ontario, CA · 9 projects
Holy crap, a clothing line promoting the normality of abnormality??? KUDOS! I've struggled with depressive anxiety for most of my life, and every day is a challenge. When I get really bent out of shape, I do something constructive, like clean the house or do a handicraft project like embroidery or knitting. My positivity mantra is basically "If I were normal, I'd be boring." So many uber-creative people had/have mental difficulties. Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, many of my family members! In all, I'd rather be unhinged and creating things than oatmeal-bland-boring living a daily-grind existence where my recreation is television. I like to eat oatmeal, not be it.
Christina 'Kouki' G.
Christina 'Kouki' G. · Ismailia, Cairo Governorate, EG
i hear happy music Happy this makes me positive Happy
Annika G.
Annika G. · Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, US · 10 projects
Whenever I'm down, I draw pictures of my hamster, coco, riding unicorns. It makes me better when I put a comical speech bubble. Happy
wetkisses · Buena Park, California, US
When ever I'm feeling down I think about all the bad things that could have happened, and it helps me think of all the good. It keeps my spirits up and it helps me think more positively about my life.
jrboitel · San Antonio, Texas, US
When I'm feeling overwhelmed I find a little patch of green or some trees and just sit silently. If I start thinking of all the things that are going crazy I go back to quiet for as long as I can, all the while breathing deeply. This usually relaxes me enough to go back to whatever needed my attention. At work I've had to do this in the bathroom but it works too!
Juliet J.
Juliet J. · Cuneo, Piemonte, IT · 63 projects
Usually when I'm really sad or I have a panic attack and the usual things (hooping, playing guitar...) don't work I read my own list of "things that make life worth living". It's a list of simple, small things that make life beautiful. For example there are striped candy canes, china ink that shimmers on paper before drying, the smell of freshly cut grass...Everyone should have his own list! Happy
Tiffany S.
Tiffany S. · Worcester, England, GB · 4 projects
whatever happens must be for a reason, and maybe that bad thing is just a blessing. if you dwell on things too long then that you are making yourself feel upset, not what happened!
Madeline C.
Madeline C.
If I'm ever feeling unhappy (which, frankly, is most of the time) I get out my trusty bubbles. I don't know what it is about blowing bubbles that makes me so happy, but I know it works Happy
Sandra L.
Sandra L. · Newark, California, US · 38 projects
I check out or think about something adorable (like pusheen or chibird on tumblr or small dogs or big dogs Tongue), cute things always cheer a person up.
raych.ferrie · Sydney, New South Wales, AU
I go outside and snuggle with my puppy. Her unconditional love makes it hard to feel anything but positive. Happy
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