The Back In The Day Cookbook by Cheryl Day and Griffith Day is filled with delicious recipes from their bakery in Savannah.

We've got a copy of the book up for grabs along three sample recipes from including pinkies, s'more pie and creole brownies. 


Win A Copy Of The Book

For your chance of winning, simply leave a comment below telling us what your favourite recipe for a hot summer day is? 

Congratulations to Modesty Fashions. 


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Midge G.
Midge G. · Langley, British Columbia, CA
My favorite recipe has to be my Grandmothers Pineapple upside down cake. She used to make it for me all the time when we were kids. Me and my cousin always got to lick the bowl. After we cleaned up our kitchen mess we would go outside to play in the field and miraculously my grandmother would have the cake done sitting on a little paper doily in our lazy Susan of a cake stand. My grandmother always taught us ways to make cakes for cheap.
happyliltoaster · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
My favorite summer recipe is corn cakes with salsa. I just made this the other day and it was perfect for the hot summer days!
Lucy N.
Lucy N. · Independence, Missouri, US · 2 projects
I have to go with a classic milkshake. Chocolate Ice Cream , Chocolate syrup, Chocolate milk, And a dash of whipped cream is the perfect summer snack!
Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
A good caprese salad is yummy all summer long. Thick slices of mozzarella (or even the herb marinated balls), ripened tomatoes and fresh basil make a perfect mix. I like balsamic dressing reduced to a glaze... its not very original but always classic and delicious!
aneniine · 58 projects
Oh, when it's hot, I don't really eat much, but when I do, it must be some refreshing salads and when i feel fancy, I love to eat cold, but a little melted ice cream! Nom,nom,nom...Happy But I can't think of any recipe really, we make salads from any vegetables we have in our house or garden at that moment,so the salads turn out different every time we make them! Happy
Birgit · Leuven, Flanders, BE · 35 projects
banana milkshake! oh and tiramisù, definitely!
Lizzie M
Lizzie M
Summer fruit pudding is perfect for a hot summers day.
Laura · Chandler, Arizona, US · 133 projects
Chocolate and peanut butter milkshake
MischievousRaven · Shrewsbury, England, GB · 51 projects
It sooooo has to be a peach icetea, in a giant jug with sliced lemons and ice. . . . Soooo refreshing Happy
Katherine V.
Katherine V. · Escondido, California, US
My favorite is beer battered fish (fish has to be freshly caught.. Yay camping!), with a side of fresh salad and a tall glass of beer on the side.. Yummy comfort food.
Juliet J.
Juliet J. · Cuneo, Piemonte, IT · 63 projects
Milk and mint syrup. More-than-easy. Refreshing. Healthy and yummy. I think I'm addicted Happy
Emily Phoenix
Emily Phoenix · United Kingdom, GB · 3 projects
A giant pitcher of homemade blueberry lemonade! So refreshing and keeps everyone cool and happy.
Anna S.
Anna S. · Kirkland Lake, Ontario, CA · 9 projects
Blueberry smoothies are the way to go! All you need is a fruity frozen yogurt (like raspberry), frozen Canadian wild blueberries, and a blender! Delicious!
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
My favorite summer recipe is my husband's pineapple pudding:
Vanilla pudding, crushed pineapples, and nilla' wafer cookies yum!!
a lychee smoothie.(a lychee is a pink chinese fruit that tastes a bit like grape)
Suzanne R.
Suzanne R.
Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches and cantalope
Anni · Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE · 15 projects
My favourite recipe for a hot summer day is a salad made of rocket, melon (honeydew, water, cantaloup) or pear, mozzarella and boiled ham which is freshly roasted in a pan. You can take the oil from roasting to put into the salad and just add some pepper, salt and balsamic vinegar. That tastes great!
Makani V.
Makani V. · South Shields, England, GB · 1 project
My mum used to put two scoops of lemon sorbet in a glass, add some mint leaves and fill it all up with ginger ale. That's my favourite thing on a hot day <3
lururu · Newport, Wales, GB · 18 projects
I like to sit under a sun umbrella and enjoy a classic British tea, scones, little cakes, cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off) a lovely Victoria sponge all washed down with lashings of tea in china cups. Maybe followed by some strawberries and cream and a glass or two of champagne as the sun goes down....
Vampiress · Stoke-on-Trent, England, GB
My favourite recipe to make my family is a salad with cucumber, lettuce, rocket, cherry tomotoes etc.. But to also add delicious strawberrys, crunchy apples and plump sultanas. Add a few slices of mature cheddar and fruit cheeses to compliment.
A little blue cheese dressing drizzled on the top.

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