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50 Fabric Animals is filled with adorable animal-themed sewing projects for you and your home.

We've got two great sample projects from the book including a hobbyhorse and fox stole.

Win A Copy Of The Book (UK Only)

We've also got five copies of the book up for grabs and for your chance of winning, just leave a comment below telling us which animal you'd like to turn in to a craft project and what would you make?

Congratulations to KittyBee, Helen W, TreehouseMouse, helen b and emma r.

HobbyhorseFox Stole




helen b.
helen b. · Salford, England, GB · 1 project
an owl and love to make it in to a pillow
KittyBee · Northampton, England, GB
I'd like to make a life-sized French Bulldog to keep me company in my new (gardenless) single girl flat, sob :o(
Rachael P.
Rachael P. · London, GB
A Ferret Draft Excluder! :3 With teeny tiny beany feet and a long bushy tail!
Zhang R.
Zhang R. · Shijiazhuang, Hebei, CN · 1 project
I'm a Chinese,and I born in the rabbit year, so I would like to make a rabbit.Also I myself like rabbits, they are very cute, aren't they?
A slow LORIS! Have you seen that youtube clip!? The biggest eyes in the world.. I'd make it with a old grey cashmere jumper Happy
Treehouse Mouse
Treehouse Mouse · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB
I'd like to make hedgehog mittens and a matching hedgehog hat to keep you cosy, (but not prickly), in the colder months ;)
Mo · Verwood, England, GB · 8 projects
I have icelandic horses, they are very small and fluffy with some fabulous colour combinations. I am experimenting with papier mache horses from hobby craft and different fabric textures to get the proper look. If I can get them to work I will be using them as trophies for our competitions in the autumn.
Louise  D.
Louise D.
I fancy making an octopus, I'm thinking of a mass of stripy colourful tentacles xx
Delicate Stitches
Delicate Stitches · Powfoot, Scotland, GB · 61 projects
I'd like to make a pair of badger slippers. I'm not really sure why, I just think badgers would be extra good at keeping your toes cosy. *Goes off to rummage for suitable badger materials...*
emma r.
emma r. · Portsmouth, England, GB
My animals a Sloth.. i think it would make a great handbag if he was designed so that he hung off your arm as if was a branch Happy

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