Bake Me I'm Yours... Cake Pops is filled with adorable cake pops for every occassion. We've got two sample recipes including hush baby & ring box cake pops for you to try at home. We've also got two copies of the book up for grabs!


Win the book

To win a copy of the book, simply leave a comment below telling us how you'd decorate a set of cake pops? 

 Congratulations to HiroLover and Francesca F.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from RUCraft »




donna.oneil · Hayward, California, US
I would make some character pops.
lauren a.
lauren a. · 1 project
I would make Animals of Farthing Wood ones. Love all the animals, especially the foxes
Tracy C.
Tracy C. · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 10 projects
I'd decorate them to look like cupcakes, doughnuts and tartlets!
Quinn asqueroso
Quinn asqueroso · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US · 13 projects
If i were to decorate cake pops than i would do an ode to horror with them. Zombies, demons, eye balls that bleed when you bite into them, bleeding hearts.
Jessica H.
Jessica H. · Lowestoft, England, GB · 7 projects
My daughters is currently sat next to me singing Twinkle Twinkle little star so I guess thats what we'd be making! or which ever other demand she had that day!!!
joanna l.
joanna l.
Since Easter is coming up I would decorate some as bunnies, some as chicks and some as lambs. Also some shaped and colored as Easter eggs.
joanna l.
joanna l.
The assisted living facility where I live is really big for every Holiday. I would make some of these and put them out on the shelf outside my door for passerby's
Francesca F.
Francesca F. · Pisa, Toscana, IT · 10 projects
If I were to make cake pops for, let's say, my birthday, I'd make Snoopy, without doubt <3
If I were to make cake pops for someone else, I'd decorate them following their likes Happy
Chocolate · London, GB · 12 projects
I was just thinking about making some cake pops, they looks like the best way to consume mouthfuls of cake. I'd probably go for quite simple decorations, white chocolate coloured to pretty pastel shades and sprinkled with edible gold foil.
campaspe · Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, FR · 111 projects
Since spring is around the corner I would love to make white and pink marzipan little lambs
Kirsten B.
Kirsten B. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 40 projects
Wow, this book looks like a ton of funHappy I'd love to try the recipes in it but if I were to make cake pops on my own I'd love to do the class Universal monsters... Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula... And of course some zombies. Then after that I'd try the Disney PrincessesHappy
Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
I would decorate them to look like different foods, such as ice cream, apples, pears, cherries, doughnuts, and cupcakes, then paint little kawaii faces on them. If I decorated them like that, I would probably end up eating all of them before I could take a photo to post of CO+K!
Stargirlphotography · Blackpool, England, GB
I would love to make these when halloween comes back around and make them into little pumpkins, bats, witches hats, ghosts etc! Great idea for when I make too many cupcakes and not enough frosting lol
HiroLover · Tacoma, Washington, US · 24 projects
Man This Book Looks So Cool And Cute! <3 <3 <3

I Decorate My Cake Pops To Look Like Little Cupcakes!! They Turn Out So Cute Every Time!! Happy
Domitila C.
Domitila C. · Boardman, Oregon, US
I would make elmo pops for my kids birthday party and give them to the kids!
Domitila C.
Domitila C. · Boardman, Oregon, US
If I had this I would make elmo pops for my kids party every year and give them to the kids. I think they would love them!
Valerie C.
Valerie C. · Lancaster, Kentucky, US · 3 projects
So many possiblities for cake pops: minnie or mickey faces, wizard hats, chicks, football or basketball, etc. My kids would love all of these and more.
Louise P.
Louise P. · Plymouth, England, GB · 18 projects
With mother's Day just passed I would have done a large bunch of Gerbera flower cake pops in bright jazzy colours and given them to Mum.
Rachel W.
Rachel W. · Lake Worth, Florida, US
I definitely want to make cakepops that look like the Lorax and Truffula Trees in honor of the new Lorax movie.
Luna Wolfe
Luna Wolfe · Michigan, Indiana, US
I would bake them for each holiday! Some eggs for Easter would be fun!
SweetHoneyTurtle · Jacksonville, Florida, US · 9 projects
I would make cute little owls! It's my sorority mascot and I just think they are so adorable!
Sheila  H.
Sheila H.
I would love to decorate them as colorful easter eggs, my kinds/family will love them!!!
Amber S.
Amber S. · Demopolis, Alabama, US
I love cakepops! They are always so cute and dont forget yummy! I have seen a few different ways of decorating these cuties, and I love the little chick and sheep for easter. I also saw some that look like a little fish bowl with a fishy on them! They were too cute. I am doing a cake and cake pops for a friends little girls birthday pary and I am trying to do a mermaid/underwater themed cake pop for her party. I would love to see some ideas of what I can try Happy Thanks for this great giveaway. I'm sure whoever wins this will love it!
Eva B.
Eva B. · Jacksonville, Florida, US
With Easter coming soon I would have to do the bunny pops. So adorable.
Sandra L.
Sandra L. · Newark, California, US · 38 projects
If I were to decorate cake pops, I would make them look like pandas because pandas are so kawaii!
jovina r.
jovina r. · West Warwick, Rhode Island, US
I plan on making Super Marion Brothers cake pops for my son's birthday. I hope they come out good.
Garmi H.
Garmi H.
Cake Pop moustaches, lips, pig noses etc then we can have a super fun photoshoot and some goodies to eat up afterwards ^^
Guayaba · Mayagüez, Mayagüez, PR · 9 projects
I would love to make a set of animal ears, cat ears, bear ears, bunny ears, cow ears, elephant ears, pig ears, even monster ears!
Jessyka L.
Jessyka L. · Sudbury, Ontario, CA
This looks amazing! I would go with theme specific depending. But for myself, different howls!!
Kt Bing
Kt Bing · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 66 projects
I Loooove making cake pops! they are really easy and fun to do - I love making them in the shape of hearts. I have a great ice cube tray which I got in Ikea and I use that as a cheap and fun mould - easy peasy and with a red icing covering - delish! Another lovely idea is making them into cute yellow bumblebees - use white chocolate buttons for wings! they magically fly into your mouth!
Markee R.
Markee R. · Glasgow, Scotland, GB · 133 projects
Oh wow, so many possibilities, and so little time to eat them all! I have a slight obsession with penguins, so certainly the first batch I did would have to be of those little critters. However, I would probably have a difficult time eating them, as I would think they were too cute, so I would probably end up parading them about my kitchen....or I could make them tap shoes, and make them tap-dancing penguins!
Aubrey H.
Aubrey H. · Fullerton, California, US
I would make little pokeballs if possible Happy
Karen C.
Karen C. · Sheffield, England, GB
I'd make cake pops as party favors and make them look like the party guests!
Great giveaway, we all need cake!

Karen x
Feisty Fidget
Feisty Fidget · 6 projects
This book looks fantastic! If I were to decorate cake pops then I would probably do a theme specific to the event or person they were for. For instance if I were to make them for my husband I would make his favourite manga characters <3

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