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State Of Craft by Victoria Woodcock is a new book featuring projects and interviews from the top names in craft.

We've got five great sample projects from the book included a paintbrush scarf, needle book classic, ping-pong hair bobble, Christmas pudding cake and confetti bow.

Win A Copy Of The Book (UK Only)

We've also got three copies of the book up for grabs and for your chance of winning, just leave a comment below telling us who your favourite crafters are?

Paintbrush ScarfNeedle Book ClassicPing-Pong Hair Bobble

Christmas Pudding CapeConfetti Bow




Venomous Lemon
Venomous Lemon · Worcester, England, GB
Twinkie Chan and Violet LeBeaux... They're both so adorable (and talented) !! <3
Teejay W.
Teejay W.
I'm my favorite. Produce random but different things. Love being individual and the only way for me to do that is to create something different.
GeJoPa · Royston, England, GB
I don't have a favourite crafter, because they all inspire me to make something.
Kayleigh Claire S.
Kayleigh Claire S. · 1 project
my favourate crafters are my 2 best friends Rossco Ross and Hazel McTaggert they are crochet mad and never have a crochet needle out there hand even taken part in charity evens while holding down familys full time work and one is even doing her masters! they have to be my favourite crafters x
Kt Bing
Kt Bing · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 66 projects
My ultimate crafter ever is Jazz Domino Holly author of "Queen of Crafts". That book is my bible and i love how she is interested in so many different crafts and doesnt just specialise in one. Just brilliant!!!
Willow Bon-Bon
Willow Bon-Bon · London, GB · 29 projects
Who are my favourite crafters? Hmmmm lets see:

- Pip Lincolne, because of her unbelievably quirky style
- Cath Kidston, because who can resist her gorgeous floral designs??
- Mary Jane Baxter, because I love her book 'Chic on a Shoestring' and her thrifty chic ideas
- Andrea from Paper Sparrow, because I love her prints and fabric designs
- My Mum, because she inspires me a lot with her gorgeous crocheted snowflakes and flowers!

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company
Sleepy Hollow Craft Company · Canton, Ohio, US
I really love some local crafters that I know and have some favorite etsy gals as well. To name a few: Cheryl Kuhn, Lucy McClure, Jenny "Everyday is a Holiday", CrankyPants(etsy), The Black Apple, hisyfitoly(etsy), emmamount(etsy)...I could go on and on. and yea, I super want this book. like a lot.
Alyse B.
Alyse B. · Seoul, KR · 1 project
UK only... Happy
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