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Cake pops are growing in popularity just as fast as cupcakes were a few years ago and with Claire O'Connell's new book Pop Bakery, you can bake bang on trend.

Including 25 recipes for making a variety of adorable cake pops, impress your friends with everything from penguin and geisha pops to Russian doll and amazing cupcake pops.

Perfect for parties, gifts or brightening up your lunch box, it's time to get adorable in the kitchen and start your own pop bakery.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Ryland Peters & Small now »

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This is such a sweet idea for a necklace, you could change the message every day.

Check out the how-to from Henry Happened »

This herb citruc cocktail looks like the perfect cool down drink for the summer.

Check out the recipe from Wildfox Couture »

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This bicycle necklace is adorable!

Check out the how-to from Rubies & Pearls »

No one else can pull the rock chick look off quite as well as Kat Von D but we're going to try in this week's DIY The Look:

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What do you think of Kat's style and who shall we DIY The Look of next week?

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Yum, these ice cream filled cupcake waffled look amazing!

Check out the recipe from Random Thoughts Of A Supermom »

Always smell your best with a pocket watch locket filled with solid perfume.

Check out the how-to from Design Sponge »

These pizza stuffed pretzels sound amazing.

Check out the recipe from What's Cookin Chicago

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Mmm... cool down with some delicious coconut ice cream.

Check out the recipe from Poirier »

Pressing pennies is fun when you're travelling but what should you do with all of those coins?! Turn them in to a gorgeous bracelet.

Check out the how-to from Collecting The Moments »

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