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Hello all! I've missed this site sooooo much for the last 6 months or so. I'm all moved in and settled into my new apartment, and I have a good internet connection and computer again. I have SO many projects to upload, after my booth with my roomate (and best friend) Nicole Brandon  (gAk photography) at Crypticon Seattle in May. She and I also get crazy with the crafting when we're sitting around, and my amazing new-ish boyfriend is super creative, too... we inspire each other. And it's so refreshing to be surrounded by creative people again!

Here's a few pics, before I start updating my projects here!


James, Me, and Nicole. (The night I met him. I had no idea we'd end up dating 2 months later...)


Our Crypticon booth. Some of my accessories for sale, and Nicoles' photography prints and postcards.

I look so amused! =P

My friend Ryan Burke (amazing tattoo artist!) and Nicole's boyfriend, Jason - keeping us company while we sell our stuff. =)





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