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I'm having so much fun discovering fabric shops! BUT... I don't know which is my favourite. My local (expensive) one gives good service, if you ask for a meter they measure it and add a bit extra, but they are expensive, lack range and don't accept card payment at all. :(

Another place measured a meter EXACTLY, no more, no less, but it was cheaper by a few pounds, and had a HUUGE range of differnt types, but not many colours per type, and a "scraps" section ♥♥♥, but the customer service doesn't seem so good.

A thrid place is sort of a cross between the two, good service, a decent range of colours and types of fabric, gives good advice.

I wish I could visit all before deciding which fabric to buy.

There is also a 4th and 5th fabric shop which I have seen, but not had a chance to go into.





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