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Hi Hi Everyone!

I have had about a wewk with my brand new sewing machine, and I am loving it!

I got a Brother LS-590. Its not the fanciest but it does everything I could ever need. I spent about $100.00, and it was about right in the middle of the price range of the ones that particular store carried.

My wonderful hubby decided to let me pick one out after listening to me curse all night struggling with my much older sewing machine. I was trying to make the Fleece Dino Hat Tutorial, and the machine was not wanting to cooperate at all. The one I was using was a Husqvarna Viking 6000 series and it was made in the 50's. I inherited the iron bohemoth from my grandmother two years ago when she passed. She had used it for years with out any problems. Just my luck it quit on me! I think what did it in was the move from Idaho to New York and then its long voyage from New York to Hawaii. Ever since then it hasn't worked propperly. I use my sewing machine all the time. It has a permanent home on my craft table, because there is just no use putting it away, lol. I use it too often. Like for sewing crafts, repairing my husbands army uniform and hemming all of my pants (I'm a shorty lol)

Now that I have my new one I have been sewing non stop! I've made a ton of projects like a teddy bear for my newest cousin, an heirloom stuffed elephant, two juice pouch coin purses, pin cushions, tea wallets AND I started a QUILT! I have never made a quilt in my life. Once I hepled my mom and grandmother make one, but I dont think they actually let me doing anything constuctive, lol. They just gave me busy work to keep me out of their way.

So I bought some fabric in hopes of making a quilt, and I checked out a book from the local library that had a easy quilt idea in it. Its called The Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp, and the project is Get Patchy Quilt. Its actually a really helpful book. It even came with all the patterns for the projects. So I got started cutting out my large quilt squares (11x11 inch) from some fall colored fabrics. I like the more earthy colors. So far I have all my squares cut out and most sewn together in strips!

Here is a picture of the wonderful book                 These are the fabrics I picked for my quilt!                (you can get it cheep on amazon)

I hope to get some sewing done on the quilt this week. I just need to buy some fabric to boarder the blocks, batting and backing :) I'll keep taking pictures and then post again when its all done! Wish me luck!

Happy Crafting!








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