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 Dotee Doll- Stephanie by Dorothy Christian

              So there I was laying in bed, perusing Etsy.com once again. As I often do when sleep eludes me. And I stumbled onto a most exciting creation, Dotee Dolls! These adorable little creatures are so creative and fun I was suprised I hadn't heard of them yet. I quickly did a search to find out more about them. So far I have learned that they are usually about 4-7 inches tall, they have a loop at the top so they can be hung up, and most often have some sort of tail. After that you can make it as unique as you can possibly imagine :) I kept digging and I also found that they all started with one very creative lady named Dorothy Christian, and are named after her "Dot". How sweet, huh! Dorothy of course has her own blogs, http://doteedolls.blogspot.com/ and http://dotslifeandart.blogspot.com/ . And has also been as kind as to post a How-to on You Tube at http://youtu.be/y_SlCwCYcsU 

                  These little lovelies have really got my imagination creation station in high gear, which isnt exactly what I wanted at 3:11am, lol. But you never do know when inspiration will hit you :) I grabbed some scrap paper and started jotting down all sorts of ideas for making some myself. They first one I thought of was a cute sleepy time girl with a skirt full of stars and irridecent beads, stuffed full of lavender. I thought I might hang one like that from my head board above my pillow, maybe the smell would help relax me away to dream land ^_^ Of course I still have about ten other sketches and if I could figure out how to use my scanner in this half awake state I would upload them and show you! But I dont think that is ever going to happen, lol. So  here are some great ideas I found on the world wide web!



From Right to Left they are...

French lavender scented by HandMadeWithJoy.Etsy.com,  

Pink and Purple Dotee Doll by Mad Mummy

Alice by VintageVeronica1 (on flickr.com)

If you need more inspiration check out the Flickr.com page just for Dotee Dolls at http://www.flickr.com/groups/doteedolls/


From what I've been seeing around the web, people are making and trading these just like ATC's (artist trading cards) I would love to get a Dotee Doll Swap (or a set of swaps) going here on CO+K! I know all of us tallented people would just make wonderfuly creative dolls <3

<3 Pamela






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I just noticed, dotee dolls don't have arms...


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