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These beer mug cupcakes are the perfect St. Patrick's Day snack.

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These Kill Bill sword push pins are so awesome!

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Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, these brownies have a minty green twist.

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Crochet a cupcake garland with Twinkie Chan!

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Looking for something a little healthier this Pancake Day? Try there multigrain pancakes.

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Want your feet to sparkle? Make your own pair of glitter flats.

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These sandwich cookies look like the perfect weekend treat.

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This could get addictive, make yourself a bubble wrap tie to wear to work and you'll have instant stress release at your fingertips!

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Seamstress extraordinaire, Amy Karol is back with a new sewing book which will teach you how to Bend The Rules With Fabric.

The follow up to Bend-The-Rules Sewing, this book will teach you how to stamp, print, dye and manipulate plain fabric to look exactly like you want it to and once you've mastered the tricks, there's a selection of tutorials for turning your personalised fabric in to awesome craft projects. Sew a plush doll with your face on, print your lunch bag with retro food packets, customise patches and print awesome band t-shirts.

Bend the rules with fabric and create something unique that you wont be able to find in the stores!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Random House »

Make your own cheez-its, perfect for snack time.

Check out the recipe from ReadyMade »

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