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This blog post is taken from our own blog site www.beadbarmy.com but as i've been raving about the tea parties on the forum boards I thought i'd like to share an exert here too.

Diets have been tossed to the wind. Ovens have been on overdrive. Our first RNLI tea party has been held and it went down a treat!


On February 3rd 2011, Tracey Mallaby held the first Sea and Cakes party on our behalf to help us reach our £10,000 target for the RNLI. By all accounts it was a roaring success and a fine time was had by all. When Tracey contacted us to tell us what she had planned, we were overwhelmed with her efforts. We would have been more than happy with a slice of battenberg and a cuppa but we should have known that they don’t do things by halves in the North East! Her list of cakes left us drooling and wanting to catch the next available train to Darlington. Tracey very kindly sent us some recipes so we wouldn’t be left starving in the South. It included her very own secret pumpkin cake recipe never before shared! To see the recipes please see the full post at http://www.beadbarmy.com/?p=2690

Sailing on the high teas

Tracey told us how her gourmet delights went down and what a fine time they all had. A word of caution: We recommend you don’t read this when you’re hungry or, alternatively, read on armed with a big slice of cake!

My first guests arrived at 10.10am, with a steady stream of friends and neighbours following over the next hour or so. My friends Jane and Allie brought butterfly cakes and orange mocha whoopie pies to help out. We drank many cups of tea, coffee and juice and got stuck into pumpkin cake, strawberry chocolate cake, fudge muffins, pumpkin muffins, lemon curd muffins, cranberry choc chip muffins, banana bread, the butterfly cakes and whoopie pies! The RNLI SOS pins sold well too. As I didn’t really know what to charge people I placed a money box (in the shape of wellies) on the side and told people to eat and drink as much as they pleased and to place what they deemed an appropriate amount in the ‘honesty wellies’, it worked really well. Almost everyone had left by 12noon, apart from Allie and her partner Matthew who had travelled about 40 minutes to attend, they were also coming to visit the boy ratties we had rehomed for them last September. So once everyone had gone, we had fun with the rats and fed them a little banana cake too. In all, there were 16 of us, it was very noisy, warm and a heap of fun. Between us we have raised £70, I’m so proud of and grateful for my lovely friends.

Tracey managed to raise £70 which was a stunning result. We are extremely grateful to her for all her hard work and we love the idea of the ‘honesty welly’.

Sea and Cakes party hosts

If you fancy hosting a tea party you can email us at creative@beadsunlimited.co.uk for a starter pack. Please entitle your email ‘Sea and Cakes’. It doesn’t have to be anything as lavish as Tracey’s do. Even if you can’t cook, why not pick up a cake from the supermarket and sell it by the slice in your workplace? Every penny you make will go straight to the RNLI. There will be prizes for our favourite cake and event and for the tea party that raises the most money.

For details of our other fundraising events please visit our Virgin fundraising page






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