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Hi Guys!

Just wanted to put a quick post on here. Have been blogging on blogspot since last year mainly about my baking adventures. It started out as a hobby but enrolled on a course last year which will see me qualify as a Pastry Chef when I'm finished in July.
I bake on my days off and my work colleagues are my usual cake tasters :oD I make them for birthdays, grey days, sunny days, mainly just because feel like it.

Always enjoyed baking as a kid (my family were unwilling guinea pigs!) I have wanted my own cafe/tea room since i was about 14. I moved abroad at the age of 15 and I worked in bars and cafes in Spain until I was 18. Really enjoyed my time over there and my one of my best moments was making and selling cakes in one of the bars I worked in. They were so popular I was asked to take part in a charity Christmas fayre. I made over 300 euros by selling cakes at 1 euro a slice! It took me over a week to make them all in a little oven (most of which i froze and defrosted on the day) I had predominately Spanish customers loving the English baking! I came home and I just started baking every now and then.... but have recently fallen in love with the whole cupcake movement! Thanks to the Hummingbird Bakery (which I visited on a birthday trip to London!) I have got my baking bug back!
Thanks to my course I've learnt the utter joy of bread making (as well as many other things) but prefer to bake my own bread rather than buy it now-a-days!

I am planning some changes to my original blog this year. I am hoping to include some home-ware items I find for my new house, any crafty projects I do, new items for my wardrobe/ makeup bag if I find them particularly interesting as well as adding more cooking blogs. And so i was thrilled to find this website so I can blog with like-minded people.

Please take a look at my full blog and facebook at-

I will be adding posts on here to but I probably won't be adding many photos (as they'll no doubt be in my projects instead!)

Also please feel free to add me as a friend on here or follow my full blog/fb page - Love chatting to new people!

Lara xxxx





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