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These turkey cookies are made from Oreos and candy corn, perfect for Thanksgiving!

Check out the recipe on Flickr »

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These turkey cupcakes would look so cute on your Thanksgiving table this year!

Check out the recipe from Martha Stewart »

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The mini pumpkin pie bites are so cute and will taste great this Halloween!

Check out the recipe from Bakerella »

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These Harry Potter themed recipes are perfect for Halloween - everything from liquorice wands to peppermint toads.

Check them out on The Hogwarts Celebration »

A perfect centerpiece for any table at Halloween, bake yourself a boo-tiful ghost cake!

Check out the recipe from I Am Baker »

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With the last few days of summer speeding by, these Autumn Apple Muffins are sure to chase away your cold weather blues. There's even a print out for the cute apple cases!

Check out the recipe from Alpha Mom »

Is it a cheesecake? Is it a crumble? We don't know but it looks delicious.

Check out the recipe from Coffee & Vanilla »

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If you're a fan of s'mores then you have to try this oozing chocolate chip s'more sandwich.

Check out the recipe from Picky Palate »

If you love peanut butter as much as we do then you'll love these peanut butter cup brownies.

Check out the how-to from Baked Perfection »

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Bakerella's back with an awesome new recipe poptarts on a stick!

Check out the recipe on The Family Kitchen blog »

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