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Something unprecedented has happened - I have internet access in my hospital room!

Don't expect this blog to be very much. I'm very drugged up right now, and it's hard for me to type with the drip in my hand that I am so desperately trying not to move.

I got in at 6:45am with little to no sleep last night. Had some crumpets and a huge glass of water at midnight. When I got in, I was shown to my room and had to wait on the nurse who checked my vitals. The anaesthetist came, who was lovely and talked me through everything. Then my surgeon came and marked me up and talked to me about the procedure. I was very pleased - there was a chance I'd be having one procedure now, and another in about six months, but she decided to do both. Then a lot of waiting around - I had a nap and watched rubbish daytime TV, and eventualy went for the operation at about 4:30pm.

The worst bit was the anaesthetic. I had an injection in my hand (I hate hate hate injections) to numb it, then they put the drip thing in - I could feel it and it did hurt a bit, despite what they said. I near had a panic attack but my surgeon, Lisa, made me sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to distract me haha. It wasn't until I sat up and made the mistake of looking that I really freaked out. But soon after that I passed out.

Woke up three hours later, confused and in pain. I've been given initial painkillers, morphine and then more painkillers, so fairly dosy but at least not hurting so much. I do need someone to help me pee though!

I was talking to my mum before she left. We were discussing my options now - sexy lingerie, bras to match my outfit...I started crying. Goddamn I can't believe it. I can be normal (although I really don't feel it right now.) I'm so devastatingy happy that I can be a woman...I can be naked with my boyfriend...I can wear a nice bikini to festivals next year! Things that so many people take for granted.

Oh and my surgeon got me flowers - how lovely is that? They're these beautiful orchid things, I'm going to take them up to York along with my jalapeno plant.

Just had some nurses come and check me. God, I have real breasts. Wow.

Although drains are fucking horrible.

Shame you can't see my sexy white compression stockings! (I have that bandage on my hand so I can't see the thing sticking out.)

Now is the time to watch some movies and relax. Adieu!





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