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I'm relatively new to this site, so I wanted to take the time to introduce myself in a blog post. 

     First and foremost, I am a loving and loyal daughter.  I can honestly say that my mother is my best friend.  I know that sounds sappy, but it is the truth.  We can talk to each other about anything (I really  mean ANYTHING lol), and we are always there for each other when we need someone to cheer us up.  She is a beautiful and amazing woman, and if I end up to be half the woman she is then I will be happy.

     Second, I am a wife (to be) to the only man that has the ability to put up with me.  I will even admit that I am a handful.  I hate it when I don't get my way, so I have a tough time compromising sometimes.  He respects me, and treats me like I'm the most precious lady in the whole land :). 

     Third, I am a funloving sister to two older brothers.  Needless to say, I was tourtured and teased all throughout my youth, but I held my own.  I was quite the tom-boy for a while, but recently I'm starting to blossom into a young lady (lol). 

   Fourth, I am a scholar.  I'm fascinated by various points of view on everything, especially spirtuality.  I love expanding my mind to out of the box thinking, and to conflicting ideas.  Personally, I suppose I am a spiritualist, for I do not consider myself apart of any religion.  In fact, I hold a combination of beliefs from various ideologies. 

Finally, I am an artist, whether it be with words or fabric.  My aethetic is still developing as I try new projects (thank you all to whom I favorited) as far as DIY goes, but my writing is fashioned to delve deep into the mind and discover hidden treasures.  I've found that if I just write without planning then unexpected beauty forms from my mind, but of course writing is subjective. 

So that is a little taste of who I am, and I hope you will ask questions and make requests if you have them.

Thank you, Kriss





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