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So much to update. I've gotten behind! Lots of work.

But also, lots of play!

I have joined my amazing, gore-geous, talented friends in the Gore Gore Girls here in Seattle. My first performance will be in 4 days before my wedding (which I'm still going nuts trying to finish up things for) on September 14th. Currently working on putting together a new neck corset for a photoshoot, or maybe the performance, too. It's so wonderful to be working with people who are just as sick and creative as I am. But rehearsal kicks my ass - choreography to learn and man... I'm out of shape. My poor legs hurt! =[

The website hasn't been updated yet, but you can see my "partners in grime" here:



Other than the neck corset, I'm finishing up my wedding bouquet, my veil, and the last floral arrangement. Have also gotten some new beads, plastic guns, halloween toys, rib case pendants, and mooooore... so I hope to post some new pictures of some jewelry soon :D






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