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The weekend began earlier than I'd anticipated; the boss went into a meeting at 4.00pm so I managed to leave the office on time!

Friday night was relatively quiet, though I was collared for an emergency sewing mission! Mission accomplished - in two parts. Part one, I convinced a man to go into a sewing shop and he bought exactly the right type of Hook and Eye I needed earlier in the week, AND part two, I sewed it in successfully and my friend's dress didn't fall down.

Saturday day time was also quiet, we didn't really do anything... we didn't really go anywhere... we just did the shopping, the weekend ritual trip to the post office and a trail round a few charity shops.

The evening got a little more fraught with stress... my best friend is due to have a baby three weeks tomorrow and on Saturday afternoon we weren't able to contact her or her husband after trying for a couple of hours. I ended up power walking 2 miles in a pair of Crocs... did you know that Croc-burn exists? Ouuuuchies!

Anyway, we got to their house and they were painting.. the outside. PINK! No baby yet, I'm too excited about being her god-mother that I want her out now too - almost as much as her mummy!

We spent most of the day with them today too, and now I'm home and VERY excited about TWO projects I have on the go for the baby :D

In other news, I've decided I need a new Moleskine so I can start journalling again properly... the problem is, I'm always scared of making the first mark on the pages of a new notebook...

Lovelove xxx





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