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So, I've decided that I'm not doing any swapping from now on. I spent a lot of time and some real effort in my first one, to make nice things for someone and to send them something that was decorated in a way that followed one of their interests.

We had a set date for the mail out, and so I went and mailed out my package. Its been 2 weeks now, and the person hasn't contacted me AT ALL. No return package, no thank you, no "something has come up and it may take a while before I can get something sent out back to you", NOTHING.

Now, I don't care so much about not getting something back. I really do like making items for people, and I thought that swapping here would be tons of fun. But first this, and now my second swap partner has just gone silent. Thankfully, I haven't sent that package out yet, but still. It's quite a waste of time to do lots of work on items you're making with a specific person in mind.

I hate to complain publically, but if you're a new user and you want to begin swapping, don't assume that just because someone is a "veteran" swapper that you'll be treated kindly in return. 

I don't have much time now, anyway - I am getting married in September and have LOTS to do before then. I'm working on some centerpieces now, and next week, my hairpiece and veil! :D




Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin · 8 projects
Sorry to hear you're having a sucky time swapping things hun. If you ever do feel like giving it a try again I'd love to do a swap with you, I think the stuff you've made on here are all fantastic! I hope all goes well with making your centerpieces this week, you must be so excited! Happy
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
I feel your pain, it has happened to me too
Jeanette · Leonard, Michigan, US · 21 projects
I'm so sorry that this has happen to you. It can be really disappointing when things like this happen and can turn you off fast. I have been lucky enough that I have had good swap partners, but I'm always afraid of it happening.

Have you tried contacting the person you were suppose to swap with recently? If it was the newbie swap have you posted a comment on the board that your partner seems to have gone missing, sometimes that makes people show back up.

I hate that you have had a bad experience on something that can be so fun. If your swapping partner doesn't show up I can swap with you if you would like. If you look on my profile and look at my post you can see I'm always sending out stuff and giving teaser pictures with it. We can take as long as you would like, because of how busy your life sounds right now (congrats on the upcoming wedding). I can even send out first and then you can send out after you receive the items. That way you know you won't get shorted.

Just message me and let me know.


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