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Photobucket with valentines day on the way i wanted to surprise my hubby with a valentines day picnic i was super excited for it and i have been getting ready for it for a while. now the only thing i'm worried about is the weather, it has been raining randomly for the past month and i hope this sunday doens't rain cause it would really ruin my plans. i can't really think of another place to set up our little romantic picnic, i wanted to do it at the park where he first asked me out, where we had our first kiss and when we first held hands, i can't imagine a more perfect place. i'm gonna bake him some cupcakes, and make us some sandwhiches and make some fruity drinks, i even made a mix of our favorite big band 1940's songs. i went as far as buying a real picnic basket and the picnic table cloth. lol. anyway, can anyone figure out where else can i have a picnic if it ends up raining on valentines day????




PIN-UP ^alex^
PIN-UP ^alex^ · 20 projects
the day was more than lovely, the picnic went great, the indoor picnic sounds like a great idea too, i think i might do that for our anniversary, thank you Happy
kw · Plano, Texas, US · 17 projects
You can still have your picnic, indoors in the middle of your living room. Go ahead and set everything up like you were planning to, i.e. spread the cloth out and having your stuff in the basket.(added bonus of not having the lumpiness of grass so things don't fall over) If your feeling particularly fancy, dim the lights and break out the candles and their holders. Hope you have fun tomorrow!


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