Hot off the London Fashion Week catwalk, Junky Styling are refashioning unwanted clothing in to high fashion couture and with their book Junky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery they're going to show you how you can too.

The book starts with an introduction and history of the design duo, showcasing previous collections and looking at the ethos and mission of the brand. The second part gets more hands on, teaching the techniques you'll need to design, deconstruct and reconstruct clothing, along with tips for hunting out the raw materials. Turn suit jacket sleeves in to a scarf, trousers in to a circle skirt or shirts in to a shirt wrap halter top. There are dozens of projects to get you started!

Full of inspiration and know-how, Junky Styling will have you looking at old and unwanted clothes with new eyes and revamping, reconstructing and redesigning them in to fashion that is good for the planet.

Check out a sample project from the book, The Fly Top.

You can pick up a copy of the book from AC & Black now.




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