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ok so i didnt make barrettes the other night, i decided to make cards instead. My mom and grandpa got me a very generous Target gift card for my birthday, and since i spent most of it on craft supplies (Target has crafts? yes, not the best selection but some stuff), i wanted to make them thank you cards.

so after perusing CO+K for some ideas, i had chosen Magazine Envelopes but couldnt pick a card style i liked. But i was remembering seeing a certain card folding style on here in passing and i had done it before but i couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called. So after a million Bing searches, (folding styles...no not napkins, paper folding styles...no not origami...oooo there's a CHINESE art of paper folding??.....oh thats it!!!! IRIS FOLDING!!!!!) i found it. oh wait you need a template?? and i dont have a printer...oh well screw it im going for it!!!

so i did...and although i think it would be easier with a template, because then the little papers would be equidistant from each other, i think they turned out great....you tell me...i got a little carried away with the one on the right lol, it went into a spiral.

lol gawd, my camera sucks, i have to try to take some better pics for when i post the project. so for the envelopes, the magazine pages ended up being to small, so i used blank white scrapbook pages, had my 7yo daughter decorate them with some bold bright colors and shapes, and voila! Non-magazine envelopes lol

so theres my project of the day!! hopefully tonight i'll make those barrettes :D Happy Crafting!!!





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