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Cheat a little this Halloween and use a drill to give your pumpkins elegant designs.

Check out the how-to from Crafty Nest »

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Snippets 21, the Black Magic is online now!

This issue has the awesome Audrey Kitching on the cover and interviews with Shonen Knife, Lily Vanilli and the editor of Alt Fashion. There are tutorials and recipes for all kinds of black magic crafts along with everything you need to have the perfect Halloween. Also, make sure to enter for your chance of winning some Medusa's Make-Up and a copy of the Zombie Felties book. 

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Craft Finds »

Make a super creepy crow nest wreath for your door this Halloween and keep all those unwanted visitors away!

Check out the how-to from Under The Table and Dreaming »

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A mish mash of monstercraft, the queen of plushies, Jenny Harada is back with an awesome new book Me Make Monster! which will teach you how-to make a variety of creepy and cute creatures.

Covering a variety of crafts, from sewing and crochet to embellishing and jewellery making, there's the perfect monster to make for every type of crafter. Sew a pair of Gnawmittss, Beastish Banners bunting, the Corky Crew who are made from recycled materials, the Amulet Of Beastly Peace necklace and the Fantastic Baby Snarky-Lark wall ornament.

A unique and quirky book, it's time to craft those monsters out of the closet!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from North Light Books »

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The perfect fall bathroom accessory, make yourself some skull soap... on a rope!

Check out the how-to from Dollar Store Crafts »

A book for drawing, creating and dreaming, My Wonderful World Of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti is the perfect accessory for any creative fashionista.

Part colouring book, part fashion illustrating sketchbook and part inspiration scribble book, this title is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Sketch out ideas for customising clothes, painting your nails, designing t-shirts, creating make-up looks and drawing hats. The book also includes simple tutorials on how-to sew, customize and embellish to turn your dreams in to a reality.


Don't be afraid to tap in to your inner child's creativity and step in to your own wonderful world of fashion.


You can pick up a copy of the book now from Laurence King »

A perfect centerpiece for any table at Halloween, bake yourself a boo-tiful ghost cake!

Check out the recipe from I Am Baker »

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Creating clothing that can't just be picked off a rack, DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden will teach you how to revamp old clothes, customize your wardrobe and turn unwanted pieces in to awesome new looks.

With tutorials big and small, there's a project for every skill level. Learn how-to slash t-shirts, make a boob tube and turn x-large tees in to dresses; turn old jeans in to denims skirts (long and short), bags, cushions or other accessories; and turn men's shirts in to gorgeous dresses and skirts. You can also learn how-to turn recycled items in to awesome accessories, such as a cassette tape necklace, a musical clutch bag and a jam jar bracelet.

Customize and personalize to make your own DIY fashion and ensure you'll never be caught dead in the same outfit as somebody else!

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Laurence King »

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Our latest Crafty Superstar is Little Miss Momma, Ashley Stock and she's going to be posting adorable projects all week.

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