Today was decent. My babysitting boy was relatively good, up until the last hour where he kept purposely hitting his head on the floor, then crying because it hurt. I swear, he watches my daughter do that too much. I wish she'd stop. She gets a bruise in the middle of her forehead from doing it. >.> Dislike! but other than that, they were both good today. I actually just got her to sleep, because my sister's dog decided to bark really really loud, and woke my kid up. That's what I get for spending a few days at my brother's, though.

Tomorrow we have Parents as Teachers Playdate at 9:45am. So we're going to have to rush home after hubs gets off work (stupid night shift - hopefully he'll talk to the guy he's supposed to talk to, and he'll get that 2nd shift job he's wanting!). I'll have to shower when we get home while hubs feeds the children. Well, our kid and my babysitting kid. Then home to eat and he'll go to bed. =[ It always makes me sad he can't stay up the hours I do. =[

Oh well. I'm exhausted. I suppose I should go to sleep now, huh?





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