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Photobucket ok so i just got a lip piercing about two weeks ago, im kinda on the edge on how it looks on me, i'm about to turn 19 this upcoming thursday (yay happy birthday to me!) but im not sure if having a piercing at my age is appropriate. i mean it's not like i do drugs or anything but in my community tattoos and piercings are always looked down upon, though people have gotten more accepting of them. but having this piercing, though i love it very dearly, i think is gonna give me trouble when i'm trying to look for a job. some employers aren't gonna be so forgiving of the whole thats pierced through my bottom lip. i guess i just have to sit down and think what's really more important in my life, what people think of me, or what i think of myself. does that make sense?? well on the mean time i'll enjoy my new lip piercing :)




Katie J.
Katie J. · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 1 project
subscribing lotusSooz comment. Also, if the people who pierce themselves don't fight for piercing acceptance in their workplace, who will? And how?
LotusSooz · Dale City, Virginia, US
Be who you are and LIve the life you want to... Someone will accept you with the ring. They make retainers for them that are minimally visable. I used to have my Septum pierced and I woudl wear a retainer to work out of respect for them. I have many many visable tattoos now and work in an office.. Im so good at My job that my bosses even the owner of the company doesn't care about them.. I cover them for meetings etc. If you really really love it there are ways to get around it.


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