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You know the drill. In random order. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. annnnnd I painted my nails. :)! Neon rainbow with glitter and stars <3! Yay I've recently become obsessed with cardigans again. Lovelovelove 'em. I need more, in more colors. I'm also obsessed with layering dresses over jeans. But yes. Lots of jeans in this post. It's been raining around here so yesh. <3!




Arty Kitkat
Arty Kitkat · St Albans, England, GB · 61 projects
These outfits are amazing - you've got a great eye for what works. I especially love the details, especially the eye make up Happy
amy rose
amy rose · 4 projects
soooo cute i love the nails such a breath of fresh air <3
PIN-UP ^alex^
PIN-UP ^alex^ · 20 projects
i love how you can pull off any outfit, i would never be able to look as cute, just out of curiosity where do you live??? what state i mean?? i live here in LA and the fashion is so diverse, but i have never seen anything like this, very very awesome! keep it up ;D


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