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COSMOgirl have put together a nifty little book filled with 250 Things You Can Do To Green The World. The hope being that if we act now, we'll be able to give the planet a bright and happy future. The tips are simple enough for everyone to follow and cover a range of areas including the home, fashion, travel, food and beauty & fitness.

Shop vintage, recycle your jeans and pick earth-friendly materials. Unplug unused electrical items, choose the correct bedding to stay warm and learn how to furnish your home with flea market finds. Grow your own greens, turn vegetarian for a day and cut up packaging so that it doesn't harm animals.

The nice thing about this book is that it's not written in a patronising tone. Practical and simple, there are tips that everyone can apply within a few minutes. Make yourself feel good by doing good, because every little helps.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from GMC Publications.

These vanilla cupcakes with lemon & lime filling look amazing!

Check out the recipe from Montcarte.

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Here's a great tutorial for making your own earrings hooks out of jewellery wire.

Check out the how-to from Michon Design.

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We feature a lot of s'mores recipes but these cookies looked too good no to post.

Check out the recipe from Baked Perfection.

Here's a clever way to reuse rain gutters - turn them in to bookshelves.

Check out the tutorial from Raising Olives.

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The follow up to Face Food by Christopher D Salyers is out and this time Face Food Recipes will teach you how to create your own adorable bento boxes.

Featuring food in the shapes of comic book heros, anime & cartoon characters and cute animals, Face Food will transform any boring lunch box in to a piece of art. Turn eggs, ham and nori in to Mice Rice, ham in to Astro Boy, eggs in to Pokemon, fish cakes in to Spiderman, veggies in to a hungry caterpillar and rice with curry in to Honeybees.

These dishes are almost too cute to eat but if you want to spice up lunchtime or cheer up someone's day, this book will show you how.

Check out a sample project from the book, Spiderman Bento. You can pick up a copy of the book now from Mark Batty Publishing.

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Our latest Crafty Superstar is author Nelly Pailloux and all of this week, she'll be teaching us how to make adorable little plushies.

Check out her Superstar projects here >>

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Cinnamon rolls always smell amazing and these look like the perfect ones! Yummy.

Check out the recipe from Pioneer Woman.

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These crochet baby booties will turn any baby in to a little monster.

Check out the pattern from Needyl.

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