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Here are just some of the awesome projects posted on CO+K last week:

Sew a rubiks cube budy or new york cheesecake, get the burlesque look without taking off your clothes with a starstruck pasties tshirt, embellish your pumps in to kitty cat shoes, brighten up the garden with DIY stepping stones, accessorize with a fabric puff necklace or neck lush, bake a lime koolaid cake or the world's best brownies, sew a cat vs. fish tic tac toe pouch, pleat your hair into an inside out braid, or sip on some delicious rhubarb juice.

If you can't decide between baking cookies or brownies, then why not make both with this ingenious and delicious recipe.

Check out the recipe from King Arthur Flour.

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Here's a great idea for brightening up a greetings card, embellish it with a DIY pin wheel.

Check out the how-to from Crafts Forum.

Illustration is a vital part of fashion design and with Fashion Illustration School by Carol A Nunnelly, you can learn everything you need to know and start drawing your own professional fashion illustrations.

"A complete handbook for aspiring designers and illustrators", the book is filled with hundreds of examples, ranging from classic to contemporary in style. With detailed studies on drawing faces and expressions, the book also includes in-depth guides to drawing hands and feet. Once you've worked your way up to drawing bodies, you can learn how to illustrate clothing and accessories in a realistic and expressive way.

You will also learn how to use colour, get to grips with proportions, illustrate poses and draw textures. If you're an aspiring designer, this is a must have book, as you will learn how to express your ideas and enhance your designs, with stylish illustrations, which will do your work justice.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Thames & Hudson publishers.

You can learn how to knit a bikini top in the latest episode of ThreadBanger. Perfect for those hot sunny days.

What better way to cool down on a lazy summer day than with some homemade ginger ale? Yum.

Check out the recipe from Eat Make Read.

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how-to from Sunshine's Creations.

Here is our pick of some of the best projects added to the site last week:

Knit a cake hat, hide behind a mustache bookmark / disguise, spice up your wall with an alternative pinup board, tuck in to some peanut butter bread and date and walnut rolls, sip on a delicious strawberry banana smoothie, fuse plastic in to a messenger bag, turn a bottlecap in to a rose, make a memorial bracelet, sew some beets, give your bag some candy with a beaded bag charm and jazz up a top with the ombre tutorial.

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This icebox cake looks like a chocoholic's dream.

Check out the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Sure to be a favorite with any geeky kid and adult, this pi appliqued t-shirt is perfect for any maths fan.

Check out the how-to from Christy Nelson.

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