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Reinvent the donut with these yummy looking cinnamon sugar donut muffins.

Check out the recipe from Baked Perfection.

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Incredibly versatile, kanzashi stitched flowers are unique little embellishments, which are easy to make and can be used is so many ways.

Kanzashi In Bloom by Diane Gilleland will teach you everything you need to know to start making your own. Not only will you learn all the techniques for making kanzashis in a range of styles, but the book also includes 20 tutorials for using them to create cute accessories for yourself or creating wonderful gifts to give away. Make yourself some Flowers-In-Your-Hair Clips, a Fuzzy-Flower Scarf, the Happiest Belt Buckle Ever or some Handbag Candy. Spoil someone else with gifts including Back-To-Back ornaments for the Christmas tree, a Kanzashi Bouquet and Butterfly Jar Toppers.

A great way to brighten up an outfit or spruce up a dull accessory, it's time to get to grips with kanzashis.

You can pick up a copy of the book from CraftyPod now.

Make sure to enter our Kanzashi Craft Contest for a chance of winning a personalized kanzashi brooch and a copy of the book!

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These sushi magnets are adorable and you can make loads of them by making a sushi clay roll.

Check out the how-to from Deep Fried Kudzu.

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These cheddar pacman crackers would be perfect for any geeky party.

Check out the recipe from Snack or Die.

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Here's a how-to for making spray paint that grows moss, which offers an exciting way to get creative in your garden.

Check out the how-to from Apartment Therapy.

Give you bagel a bit of a kick with a spread of pumpkin spice cream cheese.

Check out the recipe from Pinch My Salt.

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Here's a great way for recycling erasers you don't use, turn them in to stampers.

Check out the how-to from Carina's craftblog.

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Whether you are an expert quilter or just wanting to try something new, the Ultimate Quilting Bible by Marie Clayton is a complete quilting reference book, filled with everything you ever needed to know about the art.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and photos for learning the skills you need, the book teaches basic skills and works up to more advanced techniques. Learn how to quilt by hand, with a machine, work with a range of materials, create different effects and textures with fabric, and add appliques and embellishments to your completed quilts.

Quilts can give your home a cosy and kitschy feel and with this book, you will learn the century-old techniques for making your own patchwork pieces of art.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova Books now.

Peppermint patties are the perfect way to end a meal and freshen up your guest's breath.

Check out the recipe from Frantic Home Cook.

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