Missed out on bagging a ticket to Glastonbury this year? Or, simply didn't want to fork our on the ticket price? Never fear, here's a crafty, credit-crunch friendly, guide to getting the most out of your sofa experience.

1. Turn your favorite bands in to booze. 

Ever wondered what a sip of The Prodigy or Blur would taste like? Get creative and mix up cocktails and shots to taste like your favorite bands. How about a can of Special Brew as a mixer for The Specials cocktail or mixing spirits with Irn Bru for the taste of Glasvegas? We came up with a drink so sugary sweet and poppy, it had to be named the Girls Aloud cocktail.

2. Get the outdoors feel.  

Dim the lights, close the curtains and crack open a can of baked beans. Grab a hammer and candle and knock yourself up some nifty lanterns for the ultimate camp sight look. You can eat your baked beans in the warming glow.

3. Dress up, or down with festival fashion.

Just because you're not there, doesn't mean you can't dress for the occasion and even better, you don't have to worry about photos appearing on Facebook the next day. No sewing required, simply grab some tulle and elastic to make your own tutu or bend a wire coat hanger in to fairy wings. Don't forget your face paints, glitter and glow sticks too!


4. Don't be afraid to get muddy.

The mud baths may be the worst part of the festival but they can do wonders for your skin. Raid your kitchen, fire up the blender and make yourself a scrumptious face mask to refresh your skin. Apply, watch some bands and then rinse off in between sets.

5. Festival food that's sweet and cheap.

Skip the queues, grease and extortionate prices, by making your own sugar-tastic festival food. Burger cookies taste so much better than the real thing, smores are the ultimate campsite snack, and if you don't have the sunshine, you can always pretend with ice cream cone cupcakes.




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