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I know there is a post on the boards about this, but my boyfriend deserves his own post on this one. Recently I gave him the task of taking my cat to his mom's house for a few days while we are moving. I was away at camp so I couldn't do it myself. I made sure to write down everything he needed to do in three pages of notes. This included all needed materials and directions for packing the litter box. He made fun of how "detailed" my note was, still I insured him all he had to do was follow the directions, it was all spelled out step-by-step, he couldn't fail right? WRONG! He still somehow managed to forget stuff, take stuff he didn't need, and spill cat litter all over his car! Then when I called to let him know he forgot stuff he got mad that I was "bitching at him". If he would have just FOLLOWED THE NOTE I WOULDN'T BE BITCHING WOULD I? Things like this have been happening more often. I make sure to make it perfectly clear what is needed, he messes up, I get mad, he thinks I'm a bitch. I think we need counsling. Boys Suck. Sarah




Sarah S.
Sarah S. · La Crosse, Wisconsin, US · 5 projects
Yeah I am with you! Today though I almost lost it. I asked him to wash my jeans and throw my work shirt in with it. I work at a resturant so there was some stuff on it. He washed my jeans just fine, however forgot to throw in the shirt. He decided to "freshen it up" by just putting it in the dryer. It now has perment stains. I asked him "Baby, what can I do to help you follow directions better?" He told me a few choice words...Men!
Creativemind · Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US · 116 projects
LMAO! That's a man for ya!! To some degree your situation is not funny, but it's similar to mine, so in same ways it is. BTW, he's the one who needs counseling to learn how to follow directions, but they all do. Men that is, for some odd reason, they don't like reading directions for anything, i.e. putting something together, setting up the remote, hooking up the DVD player, nothing. It just might be a lost cause, but if we women keep trying to bang into their thick skulls, then we might prevail, but let's not hold our breath on that one. ^_^


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