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Hello COAK, This is offically my first blog...ever. I am really glad I have one now, hopefully I can be as wonderous as all the other bloggers. So I should say something about myself probably. I am 21, I live in La Crosse, WI. I will be moving in with my boyfriend of two years, let's hope there is also a ring with that! ;) I have cat Mattie~ C:\Users\Susan\Pictures\screen saver\mattie.jpg She is my baby and I love her. I love doing really cute crafts and also doing anything to help my organization (my lable maker is my best friend!) I have really been getting into the "going green"/re-use thing, I am even trying my hand at growing some tomatoes. Speaking of, I am starving so I am gonna bounce! Stay Easy-Peasy! Sarah P.S. Ok so how do I get pictures up here? Yeah I am pretty computer dumb...





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