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Kat Von D has brought the underground world of tattooing to the mainstream with her show LA Ink and in her new book High Voltage Tattoo, the talented artist and business woman tells all.

Part photobook, part autobiography, the book offers an intimate look in to Kat's life - from her rough childhood in Mexico and leaving home at 14, working illegally as an underage tattoo artist, to moving to LA and opening up her own tattoo shop.

Kat has dozens of tattoos and the book features a 5 page photo guide, revealing her tattoos from every angle and explaining the meaning behind each. Kat's speciality are portrait tattoos and you can learn about the work she has done, featuring a vast array of celebrity clientele, including such stars as Green Day, Jeffree Star and Motley Crue. See the first designs that Kat inked, learn the tools of the trade and pick up tips and tricks from the expert.

This is an inspiring read for any aspiring tattoo artist.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Harper Collins and you can learn more about Kat Von D on her website.




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