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I love the Poor Person's Disney Store, a new thrift store in town called the Cornerstore. They sell lots of Disney merchandise, movies, souvenirs, toys, accessories and clothes very cheap and I even got a pornographic disney picture there for 50 cents! Check out this cool website, dreamjournal.net where you get a journal similar to livejournal and add dreams, symbols, themes, pictures, interpretations, ect. Me enchanta! Sign up and add me, I'm queercat! Kingdom Hearts is my latest obsession! I finally beat KH1 and got KH2 by trading in MySims and Pokemon FireRed plus $2! I'm even going to audition for a Kingdom Hearts Fan Movie being made in my area! I'm so exited about my birthday! March 27th, and me and my boyfriend are going on a pilgrammage to Fantasyland, Disneyland to make a wish in the fountain(a holy site). I've been having strange dreams about it... Guilty Pleasures: Eating Frozen Cadburry Creme Eggs, reading VC Andrews worst ghostwritten books, and erotic video game fan fiction. plus! A Pagan's positive take on Disney's symbolism and The Presence of Archetypes in Kingdom Hearts





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