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Righty, so. I'm pretty much in love with Lady Gaga. <3! I scored both "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" last week for 20 bucks and I've been listening to them pretty much non-stop. I absolutely love "Bad Romance" and its video. But yes. Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah. Time for more outfits :D! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. As I'm diving deeper into the lolita style, I realize I'm missing vital pieces such as a proper petticoat, shoes, a proper cutsew, things like that. I'm slowly trying to gather lolita or loli-able pieces to add to my neverending wardrobe. My main concern are lolita shoes. Its extremely difficult to find shoes that fit me, because I have extremely wide size 11 feet....Hehe :P! One day I shall.... But yes. Until next post, happy crafting and such :)! Comments=love. <3!




Rachel L.
Rachel L. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 14 projects
oh yeh, i dont want $100 for them, thats the new price... p.s im also a gaga freak... seeing her in march OMFG!!!!!!! and i got fame monster today for xmas from hubby AWESOME!!!!!!

Rachel L.
Rachel L. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 14 projects
hey! i have at least half a dozen petticoats in various colors for sale if ur interested size m/L ... good used condition. cost $100US new.. would be posting from australia.. have an AWESOME silver/metallic one in the bunch.. message me on my cutout+keep profile if ur intested xox
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
Thank you vury much
Lindsey  N.
Lindsey N. · Backus, Minnesota, US · 29 projects
Pic 2: I freaking love your tank top. ITS AMAZING.

Again, I love your outfitsHappy


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