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A collection of inspiring recipes from around the globe, Warm Bread & Honey Cake by Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra will turn your kitchen in to a warm and cosy haven, that any home baker would be proud of.

Including sweets from the Mediterranean, Budapest, the Caribbean and Asia, there's a wide range of recipes to try out. Bake some toasty Chocolate & Hazelnut Buns, a Spice Cake stuffed with almond paste, Nutty Meringue Slices, a Ricotta Tart and Chocolate & Pistachio Sandwich Biscuits. Unusual techniques are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, making the recipes easier to understand.

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world, without even leaving your kitchen, and treat yourself to a range of baked delights.

Check out a sample project from the book, Chocolate & Pistachio Sandwich Biscuits. You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova Books now.




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