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If you feel like adding a bit of vintage charm to your home, then you can always look to Cath Kidston for inspiration. Her new book, Make! takes a very DIY approach to accessories and home decor with 48 kitschy projects that would please any domestic goddess.

The books is filled with tips and ideas for giving new life to plain items and includes 16 of Kidston's iconic motifs for you to use in your own creations. Embellish a pair of slippers with two charming songbirds, create a Starry Tote or store your needles away in a Felt-Leaved Needle Book.

Complete with a Cath Kidston canvas bag and some basic supplies, you can begin appliquéing and embellishing straight away.

You can pre-order your copy of the book from Quadrille or Amazon now.

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These Wine Glass Candle Lamps are so simple to make and add a touch of class to any table set-up.

Learn how-to make them on Casasugar.

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If you're starting to tire of the collections in high street stores and lust for some affordable couture, it's time to start making your own. Make Your Own Clothes by Marie Clayton has 20 stylish patterns, designed to teach you the dressmaking basics.

Filled with all the know-how, from seams to stitches, the book has step-by-step instructions to teach you pattern-making, construction and finishing.

The book even comes with pattern making software for your computer, so it's easier than ever. With pieces such as a simple Flared Skirt, a perfect fit Tailored Blouse and a classic Beret, you'll be strutting around in your own creations in no time. Watch our Westwood and Gaultier, we're going DIY!

You can pick up a copy of the book from Anova Books or Amazon now.

CO+K Reader Offer: Order a copy for only £14.99 including free UK p&p. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1031.

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Turn your old newspaper in to gorgeous paper beads.

Find out how-to on A Storybook Life.

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With winter approaching, your dog may be starting to feel the cold. Doggie Knits by Corrine Niessner is a knitting books filled with dozens of projects to keep your pet cozy.

With a great selection of sweaters, you can make your dog a fabulous outfit, and as the book contains instructions for sizing and construction, you can tailor the knit to ensure the perfect fit. Though the sweaters are better suited to smaller dogs, there's a great selection of accessories, such as hats, scarves, collars and toys to suit all sizes.

So pick up your sticks and knit your canine friend a nice present. Just make sure he / she doesn't get their paws on it before you've cast off your final stitches.

Pick up your copy from GMC Publications or Amazon now.

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If your flowers are looking a little plain and boring, why not add a few drops of food coloring in to their water to give them a tint of color.

Learn how-to at Make & Takes.

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Sweet Eats by Rose Dunnington, claims to be "mmmore than just desserts" and with over 35 delicious looking recipes, there's sure to be a treat to satisfy every sweet tooth.

It was a hard book to review as flipping through the bright, colorful pages made my mouth water. The first recipes to catch my eye were the Polka Dot Devil's Cake, Extra-Nutty Peacan Tart and the Teeny, Tiny, Tasty Cakes. However, there's a wide range of desserts to experiment with, such as Green Tea & Honeydew Granita and a selection of specialties from across the globe, including Indian Rice Pudding and Baklava.

Whether looking for a grand finale to a dinner party or hoping to indulge yourself with a delicious treat, these tempting desserts are sure to do the job!

Pick up your copy from GMC Publications or Amazon now! Check out a sample project from the book, Plantain Ice Cream Split.

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Guys look away! If you've ran out of crafting supplies for Halloween decorations, never fear, just nip in to your toiletries bag and voila, a tampon ghost or bat!

Check out the Halloween how-to's on Tampon Crafts.

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It might be hard to imagine glass art past stained-glass windows and hand-blown paperweights, but Contemporary Glass, from Black Dog Publishing aims to open your eyes to a whole new world of design.

Featuring the work of over sixty artists, there is a huge variety of work to be inspired by. From small-scale household pieces to huge public art installations, glass has become an important element to the work of contemporary artists the world over.

From the grungier style of Joseph Harrington to the ornately scientific works of Joseph Harrington, the book provides a comprehensive study on glass art, with some stunning and inconceivable pieces.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Black Dog Publishing or Amazon now.

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We're pleased to announce that Snippets 11, the Speak Your Mind issue is now online!

In this issue, we're covering all the topics that our writers felt strongly about such as turning green, veganism, feminism, hobbies and passions. We've got an interview with electro band Ladytron, recipes from vegan-queen Sarah Kramer, a competition to win the Gorgeously Green book, an interview with Bitch Magazine and Knitta, and lots more...

Read it now >>

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