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If you end up with lots of left over clay after projects, then you'll love this how-to for making swirl beads out of clay scraps!

Check out the how-to here >>

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We've added a new feature that lets you keep up to date with what you're Cut Out + Keep friends have been doing! One you're logged in, click the Friends button in your user bar to see if your friends have posting any new projects, commented, added friends or have been blogging.

Enjoy xo

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The Bead Maker by Mary Maguire is a great book for all those bead-crazy crafters out there. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you can actually make beads yourself, as their something you use to make other things, but as this book will teach you, there are dozens of ways to make your own.

The book includes a variety of techniques for making your beads, such as embroidery, molding, felting and papier mache. The beads are also made from a wide range of materials including clay, candy foil, plastic, paper and natural items like spices, shells, stones and seeds. My favorites were the embroidered Clever Cubes, adorable Dabbling Ducks and the Spotted & Striped felted beads.

Making your own beads is a great way to save money, recycle and be creative from the complete start to finish of your project.

Pick up a copy of the book from Collins & Brown.

Order a copy for only £12.00. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1069

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Halloween has come to Cut Out + Keep and we've got hundreds of spooky craft projects to get you inspired and prepared for the day. Some of our favorites include Little Pumpkin Cupcakes, a Bat Costume, some Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs, a disgusting looking Brain Specimen Shot, Felt Jack O Lanterns, the Cheescloth Ghost, gory buy tasty Skull Crushers, make-up techniques for creating Fake Bruises, a Giant Spiderweb, beautiful but deadly Spider Web Earrings and this technique for Carving a Pumpkin. Check them all out here and happy spookings everyone!

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The frock has always been an important part of any woman's wardrobe and Fabulous Frocks by Jane Eastoe and Sarah Gristwood is a homage to the garment.

The book is an exploration of the dress throughout the years, from the elegance of 1930's starlet red carpet couture, to the ease of hippie dresses in the 1970's, to the harder-edged punk and constructed styles of Gaultier and Westwood in the 90's.

With ever changing hemlines, seasons and fashions, there have been hundreds of styles throughout the years, each captured on the pages of this physically substantial and inspiring book. If you can't get enough of that little black dress, then you may want to cuddle up with book and flip through each page of designer eyecandy.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Pavilion.

Order a copy for only £20.00. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1067.

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These papercraft star books are adorable and would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Get a head start on your present making and learn how-to on Making Mini Scrapbooks.

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If you're a fan of papercraft then you will love Complete Origami by David Mitchell. A comprehensive guide to the art, the book has everything you'd hope to see in a good origami title. Starting with a brief but interesting history, the book explains origami throughout different countries and traditions.

The projects range from beginner to advanced, though I must admit that they start to look rather trick by the time you get to the intermediate section. There are step-by-step directions for making a huge range of designs, including animals, shapes and flowers. There is even a selection of practical projects including Coasters and The Enigma Bowl, which would make a great little storage solution.

Some projects have only a handful of steps whereas the more complex designs can have 30+, making this truly a skill to be mastered. Don't let the pile of paper on your desk grow, turn each sheet in to something wonderful.

You can pick up a copy from Collins & Brown.

Order a copy for only £14.99 including free UK p&p. Call 0870 787 1613 and quote reference CH1058.

If you're guilty of hoarding magazines after you've read them because you're unsure what to do with them, then you'll love these recycled Magazine Frames.

Get rid of your hoard and learn how-to make your own.

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If you've ever wanted to pick up a set of knitting needles, then this may be the ideal book to start you off. The Chicks With Sticks Guide To Knitting by Nancy Queen & Mary Ellen O'Connell is a complete guide, so let the chicks take you on a crash course to knitting.

Progressing from simple to more complex knitting skills, the concept of the book is that you will be taught a technique and then provided with a pattern to try out using your new skill. With everything you need to know about yarn, tools, techniques and even washing, you can learn to make a range of knitted projects, such as a gorgeous and cozy, "Make Out" Sweater, s simple and effective Artisan Belt and a super cutesy Envelope Bag.

This book is a worthy advisory to the Stitch 'N Bitch series. Although this title is more technique rather than project driven, I think this can only be a good thing because you can use whichever skills you learn in the creation of your own projects.

You can pick up a copy of the book from The GMC Group or Amazon now.

If you're going to be whipping up some spooky delights in the kitchen for Halloween, then you may want to check out this video by buttonheaddotorg for making Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread on youtube. Yum!
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