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SUBMIT SOMETHING FOR NEXT ISSUE! I'm thinking about duality as a theme -- things like doppelgangers, mirrors, shadows, doubles, vampires casting no reflection, twins, split or multiple personalities, bipolarism, bisexuality, gender swapping and gender play, immigrants living in a foreign culture without losing their identities, interracial identity, etc. But don't feel bound by this if you want to contribute ... there are no hard and fast rules. I'm proud to announce some early contributors to the second issue. AC will have the pleasure to publish "Changeling," a powerful piece of short fiction with a transgender theme, by Isabella Wolgoth. Disdane, creator of the stunning Elizabeth Bathory artwork in the color centerfold of AC 1, will create an original cover. I've also conducted an interview with an amazing Egyptian activist student, Walaa Quisay. Please submit your harrowing stories of survival, writing, poetry, artwork, photography, comix, recipes, reviews, crazy evil kinky DIY projects, etc. And of course, there will be interviews... The second issue of Absent Cause will be published in January 2009. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2008. Contact me with your submissions and feedback: redguard@gmail.com redguard@gmail.com http://redguard.etsy.com www.absent-cause.org Absent Cause PO Box 1568 New York, NY 10276





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