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Schools back :( oh joy! But I went and cleaned out under my bed to find THE V FOR VENDETTA dvd. and that IS my fave movie not one of them ..IS so in honor of it I AM MAKING A V MASK and a how to! *clappy hands* I should wait for 5th of November but I'm and impaitent person and I MUST MAKE ONE NOW!! Also Since I can't find a white wig I'm not gonna be Near (you can't be Near whith out the white hair!) So to my second plan! BRING IN KENSHIN!! I think my first ever anime and manga needs to be shown to the world. (tis 14 years old u know!) Any way I shall also make his robe! so i shall post it and teh Kenshinness of it! oh btw i find myself repeatedly watching these! And to later add... Deidara is my fave character :P Also this one IS BAD ASS!!!





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