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I love my local haberdashery so much! When you approach it you just think 'Cross stitch...knitting errm?..' but once you get within the deepest realms of ribbon and buttons the amount that that little place has is overwhelming. It's an indoor market stall and items hang across the 'ceiling', there's wool, needles and hooks, fabric, there's baskets of sale items, there's beads, a rainbow of embroidery threads, I'd say almost a third of the back wall is buttons and little treasures are hiding amoung it all. It's so cheap too, I got all this for under £6! Photobucket Now, our bead shop, that's another issue. Ok so it's part of a chain and it's got a lot of choice but it's hardly ever frikkin open! And when I do actually get to go in there I'll end up having to give a few fingers as part payment! So just showing some appreciation for local businesses. I love that I am contributing to my local economy and to people that seem to be passionate about their shop and what it sells. I hope you have a haberdashery as good near you!





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